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In 2016, the people of Bhutan come together to mark the Tendrel of probably the three biggest events in recent memory. First, the birth of Guru Padmasamabhava in the Fire Male Monkey Year which comes only once in a Rabjung (60 years); secondly, we celebrate the 400th anniversary of the arrival of Zhabdrung Ngawang Namgyel to Bhutan; and, perhaps, most significantly, we will be welcoming the prince, an heir-apparent to the Golden Throne, who will be born during this most significant year.

It is time to celebrate, pay homage in keeping with our tradition of Tendrel.

Tendrel Logo

Our Initiatives

Initiative I

Make Bhutanese aware of the symbolism and significance of the three historical events of the Fire Monkey Year

Initiative II

Bring out a Tendrel Album containing wishes and prayers for the Prince Newborn from Bhutanese of all walks of life.

Initiative III

Sokshing in Buddhism is the Tree of Life with tremendous religious merit and symbolism. Tree embodies life.

Submit Your Photo & Be Featured In Tendrel Album

Tendrel Album contains wishes and prayers for the newborn Prince from Bhutanese of all walks of life.

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Dedication Video

A theme video dedicated to the Three Tendrel Events of Bhutan in 2016.

Plant 108,000 Trees (Sokshing; Tree of Life)

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